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  • Statement - Old Infringement Notices converted into Enforcement Orders

    The Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) has taken note of the concerns raised by the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) and Fines4U, regarding old Infringement Notices that have been converted to Enforcement Orders by the Registrar of the RTIA, as well as the perceived non-conformance with the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Act, 1996 as amended, by the Agency in doing so.

    Both OUTA and Fines4U are of the opinion that the RTIA does not have the authority to re-instate old infringement notices that have lapsed in terms of the prescribed time periods, as stipulated in the AARTO Act.

    The RTIA wishes to state that it did not contravene any aspect of the AARTO Act, and the Registrar has made a commitment to investigate any incidents of non-compliance, if they do exist.

    The AARTO Act does not prescribe any time limit for the issuance of the Enforcement Orders. The Issuing Authorities and RTIA, through existing processes always endeavour to issue both the Infringement Notices and Courtesy Letters within the prescribed timeline.

    It is the RTIA firm view that through prior served documentation in the form of Infringement Notices and Courtesy letters, the infringer remains aware of the existence of the infringement.

    Furthermore, the RTIA is encouraging infringers who have been issued with Enforcement Orders that do not comply with legislated processes, to lodge Revocation Applications in order to overturn such Enforcement Orders. However, they still need to follow the prescribed process for lodging such applications.

    In the interim, motorists can continue to renew their vehicle, and driving licences without experiencing any blockages on the e-NaTIS system.

    Once the RTIA has concluded its internal investigation, the outcome will be communicated.


    For further information, please contact RTIA Spokesperson Monde Mkalipi
    Email: Monde.Mkalipi@rtia.co.za
    Mobile: 082 575 3976

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