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    Transport calls for responsible driving

    The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport calls for responsible driving as most visitors and holiday makers will descend to the province ahead of the much-anticipated Durban July Weekend. It is known fact that during this period and event, there is an influx of people who are using main roads, including the N3 and N2 to Durban. These are mostly visitors from neighboring provinces and other parts of the province. Motorists are cautioned to take extra responsibility and exercise extra vigilance as most roads are damaged by the recent floods, which is causing serious congestions and delays. In some road’s lanes are reduced and some, due to torrential rains have developed potholes. There is also a lot of construction taking place as part of the provincial post flood reconstruction and recovery plan. The provincial government, working with the South African National Road Agency SOC Limited (Sanral) has developed a clear traffic management plan to address the issue of traffic and congestion on the N3. The plan seeks to respond to the spate of accident that continues to happen on N3 Peter Brown, which involves lot of heavy vehicles. The plan includes installation of cameras to monitor traffic, deploying traffic police to assist, compulsory stop and enforcement for heavy vehicles, deploying technology and mobile robots to manage traffic control. Sanral has also activated its Traffic Management Centre in uMkhondeni to ensure effective monitoring of the traffic and prompt interventions where necessary. In addition, the province has requested additional deployment of traffic officers from the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) for the deployment of National Traffic Police. Municipal traffic has also been engaged to work together with the Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI) to monitor other strategic roads and mount intense operations. Commenting on the weekend’s plans, the Head of Transport, Mr Siboniso Mbhele, said the escalation of accidents on the N3 is a serious concern and motorists need to be responsible. “The Durban July weekend is always associated with high traffic volumes. We appeal to motorists to be extra careful and leave early to their destinations. There are many areas that are affected by the floods including the N2 in uMgababa, uN2 uMhlanga River Bridge, N2 uMhlali bridge. M4 and R102, which are alternatives to N2 has parts that are still closed due to sinkholes caused by floods. The challenge on N3 Peter Brown is receiving our attention. We have a joint traffic monitoring team that is working with Sanral to avert further loss of lives on the stretch of road,” said HoD Mbhele. Operations will be targeting drinking and driving, excessive speeding, driving without proper documentation.

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