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    Warning to motorists travelling to July Handicap

    Motorists travelling to Kwa-Zulu Natal this weekend are advised to plan their trips carefully to avoid congestion on the N3 between Hilton and Cato Ridge where the road is under construction.

    Travellers are warned that an increasing number of fatal crashes have been recorded recently on this stretch of road particularly around Peter Brown outside Pietermaritzburg, mostly at night and during the early hours of the morning.

    Visibility along parts of this road is often affected by mist and motorists should take this into consideration when planning their trips. This has led to traffic congestion and hours of delays for motorists when emergency workers attend to crash victims and thereafter make efforts to facilitate the free flow of traffic. Motorists are therefore advised to consider travelling during the day when visibility is clear.

    To minimise the possibility of crashes and respond to violations of traffic regulations, law enforcement personnel will be increased on the road with effect from Friday.

    Increased police visibility will pay special attention on speeding, drunk driving, and fatigue to decrease the number of fatal crashes on the road.

    Traffic police will also maintain a high level of enforcement within the city of eThekwini throughout the weekend where an estimated 35 000 people are expected to attend the July Handicap.

    Road safety awareness activations will also take place to remind motorists about acceptable road user behaviour

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